Follow up on the E-Bog mic scam

If you look at my 3-21-14 post, you’ll see how I received a damage mic from njmusicplace.

Well, they re-listed it on the E-Bog and I was just contacted by another buyer.  Below are some updated posts, (with other poster’s comments omitted, if you sense some lack of continuity.)

Posted: Sat 22.03.14

Re: shame about the ADK mic

I know! Sad 

Lemme say, I have a bunch of mic’s, even a bunch of the cheaper tube mic’s. 

This thing, opening up the body, it felt like a piece of precision engineering, and looked it, too. 

Very heavy, very close tolerances – a damn shame it’s ruined. 

I wasn’t kidding, I want another. 

But first I gotta get my $ back; UPS to pick-up on Monday.


Posted: Sat 22.03.14

Re the ADK A6:

Thanks for that, the AA’s are on my list, too. 

Gotta say, that Tc reminded of nothing so much as a nice handgun, in the sense of its engineering. 

I do have a pair of ADK A51 V’s, and really like ’em. I know they are just more Chinese LDC’s, but they seem very nice in their color, equalled mebbe only by the CAD GCLX3000 in that US$100 price range. 

I keep wanting to try ’em on overheads, but drums recording time is so limited I default to the AT4040’s, (what are 3x the price, but only just as nice on vox), what are “faster” and somehow more “solid” and “even”.


Posted: Sun 30.03.14

BTW, just saw, the seller, njmusicplace, just re-listed this mic, stating, “This unit is used and in great condition. There are some minor blemishes on the microphone, but it looks almost brand new. The clamp on mount on the end of the goose neck to the pop filter has a bit of rust on it.(See pictures for actual condition)”. 

That’s an outright fucking lie – don’t get ripped off by these scumbags!


Posted: Sun 30.03.14, 

Besides the aggro and the money tie-up and the fact that the arse questioned my honesty, my return went smooth also. 

I guess I was lucky, as the seller clearly has terrible ethics. 

Caveat emptor and alla that, but, as a guy with a long memory, I wonder where all the people who attacked me in defense of the poor, misunderstood sellers in my other Ebay posts are now (see here, and here, for example). Twisted Evil 

Also, BTW, I tried to “report” the listing, but the drop-down-box choices don’t apply to the condition of the item, so I posted here that no one I correspond with – even the “defenders” – gets bit.

Posted: Mon 31.03.14,

Ha! Imagine that! 

My negative feedback of the seller has disappeared, altho’ my page says “feedback left” so I can’t leave it again, and the seller is back to 100%. 

Is that because of the refund? 

Or because they are a “power seller” or whatever BS title applies? 

BEWARE! Evil or Very Mad


Posted: Tue 01.04.14, 7:37 am

The most aggravating part for me. or one of them, is that whenever I run into these situations, I am inevitably directly, or (as here) impliedly called a “scammer” when it is the seller who is dishonest. And, of course, E-Bay allows it. 

I guess that’s the E-Bay way, part of the culture of it, along with that “politics” thing. 

I have to say, tho’, I’m very surprised about Banjo-Mart. You might consider trying to contact whatever headquarters they have with a complaint. Where E-Bay is comprised of a company coordinating sales from individual sellers, Banjo-Mart is the seller itself (assuming a non-consignment situation), and therefore is directly answerable to any lawsuit or law enforcement action and it directly impacts their reputation- they probably wouldn’t dig the actions of a rogue store manager …


Posted: Mon 14.04.14

So they ended up relisting it and selling it for $249; “This unit is used and in great condition. There are some minor blemishes on the microphone, but it looks almost brand new.”, my fat arse. Rolling Eyes


Posted: Thu 17.04.14, 4:21 pm 

Re: contact by next buyer/victim


I did not check the capsule; I asked permission to of the seller when I saw the problem after taking off the body cover. I received a rather condescending response about the damage I could do if I opened it, “only a expert” and alla that kinda shite. 

A expert like theirs, eh? Rolling Eyes 

If you look above, I relate how I gave ’em a bad review and it was deleted from the E-bog. 

I don’t know what you can do about this except publish your experience around the forums (this is my only forum where someone might buy it …) 

FWIW, and even while they gave my money back, I was willing to give ’em the benefit of the doubt that they got stuck and didn’t know better when they sold it to me – especially in view of their dooshy denials, as I didn’t think anyone would have the gall … 

But now? 

I think they are scum-bag crooks trying to lay off a mic with a serious latent defect while not disclosing same. 

As far as dealing with the seller? I’d use a 10′ pole and a handgun, me. Twisted Evil 

njmusicplace, folks – BEWARE. Evil or Very Mad 

Good luck to you, and obviously, if I can help …



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