Vlayman: “Futile”

c. ’14 Vlayman 

You struggled mightily to get things done yer way 
You put it all on the line ‘cuz there was never any other play 
You saw the need for speed and so you went right at it 
You worked and struggled and fought like some kind of addict 

In yer shoes they oughta have to walk a mile, 
Then mebbe they’d realize how yer actions were so 
beautiful and futile 

You gave it everything you tried to wear ’em down 
When they said talk you sang and tried to drown ’em out 
You had a way with words, they came fast and free 
You had your own drummer and you wrote the melody 

In yer place they prob’ly couldn’t smile 
But damn sure they’d realize how yer life was so 
beautiful and futile 

She stood by yer side as you climbed up from the street 
She liked a quick ride and you thought she was just dumb and sweet 
She had a good hide whether she layed down alongside or kneeled 
She seemed so innocent until her collusion was revealed 

In your defense they took you down with treachery and guile 
You couldn’t see how all you did was beautiful and futile 


In your grave they left your hopes and dreams all in a pile 
They don’t see how what they done is just ugly and futile 

Drums: M. Vezina 
Basses: Fretless-Brick-dbx160XT;-MarlboroAmp-RE320(switched)-Altec1589B 
RthmGtrs: Tele-ProJr-MD421II-ISA1 
LdGtrs: Paul-Marshall-MD421II-ISA1 
LdGtr: Paul-Marshall-MD421II-ISA1LdVoc: Genesis-Summit-RNC 
BV’s: Adk A51V-Summit-RNC 

Multitracks is here if you wanna mix it yerself.


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