Vlayman: “Care”

c. 14 Vlayman

Can’t say I’m too happy to be hearing your still there
Sleeping until noon and never washing yer long hair
Drinkin’ without eating never changing what you wear
What I hear ain’t too much at all

Yeah, they said they seen you hangin’ out by the pool
Drinking and a babblin’ just actin’ the fool
Your t-shirt torn but yer still lookin’ cool
When I hear about you at all

It ain’t the money and it ain’t the history
It ain’t yer famous name what makes you a mystery
It’s the fact that you ain’t care at all

I hear your car’s been hit but you ain’t even moved it
Your nails are all bit and you really need to cool it
Yer daddy’s gonna come by and stop this all shit
& I ain’t to blame but he just don’t get it at all

And I can’t say I’m  happy to hear that your still there
Sleeping until noon like you never hadda care
Barely walkin’ and talkin’ with yer 50 yard stare
Like you ain’t alive at all

Drums: nettage
Gtrs: Epi-Trdmrk10-SB23L-ISA1
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT;
Vox: MXL Genesis-ISA1-RNC


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