Vlayman: “Skull”

c. ’14 Vlayman

Yer like a disease, my own private cancer
And honey if ya please ya can be my private dancer
Get down on yer knees, and move a lille faster
Don’t even dream about what ya wish would come after

You are the best, I’ll tell ya every time
Don’t make a mess, just be sure to turn on my every dime
It’s a kinda quest, to see how far we can blur the line
Now don’t be a pest, yers is yers and yers is mine

You coulda stayed, you know, you didn’t have to leave me
I would payed to go, because that place was heaving
And in yer grave you know, you’ll still be easy
After your layed down low, mebbe I’ll start grieving

It’s never dull, it’s never dull
It’s never du-ull
when I’m outta my skull

Drums: nettage
Gtrs: Epi-Trdmrk10-SB23L-ISA1(pad)
Bass: Alvz-Brick-dbx160XT;
Vox: Luna-Eureka-RNLA


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