Vlayman: “Let You Be”

Let You Be
c. ’14 Vlayman

Well, I
can’t be held responsible
for every you do
Well, I hate the reprehensible
At which you are so good

That’s how ya wanna live yer life
It’s aiight with me
I’ll let you be

Well, I
Never knew ya that well
at all
Well, I
Could never sell what you got at all

Well, I
Can’t see my way to approvin’
what you do
Well, I
Can’t be no kinda groovin’
so fuck you

Drums: nettage
Bass: IbanezAcBass-Brick-dbx160XT
RtmGtrs: HamerAlum(H-Grail)RickM8E-SB23L-ISA1
Vox: SP TB1-ISA1-1176
LapSteel: LapLizard-ProJr-SB23L-ISA1
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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