Vlayman: “My Own United Nations (non-PC)”

My Own United Nations (non-PC)
c. ’14 Vlayman

Little lotus flower awe yer lookin’ kinda sweet
I want you to come over here and sit right next to me
You got that deep black hair and them little tiny feet, I ask you
Little lotus flower will ya spend some time with me?

Hey there Bariqua, I ask you what do you say
See, I know you like to talk all night right in to the day
But doya think that you could whisper to me how ya wanna play
I want you, sweet Bariqua, tell me, what do ya say

I’m not goin’ above my station, no
I just wanna have my own United Nations, yo
Of experience, I wanna know ’em all

Oh yeah, brown sugar baby, I hope that you will say maybe
Maybe you can understand the way it feels to be a man
To look at  you and think I can keep you happy azza plan
Oh yeah, brown sugar baby,  I  believe I can

Hey there, First People lady, I hope you ain’t think I’m all that lazy
Tryna be the one for you I ain’t sure just what to do
I wanna make you come to love me, I’ll be your slave, You can come above me
Hey there, First People lady, don’t think I’m crazy

Drums: nettage
Bass: Alvz-VC3q
Vox: CAD M9-Eureka(pad)
RthmGtr: Tele-ProJr-SB23L-EurekaCmp(pad)_E609-ISA1(pad
Ld Gtr: Tele-Marshall-SB23L-EurekaCmp(pad)_E609-ISA1(pad
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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