Vlayman w/ TonyGoldenThrown: “PC”

c. ’14 Vlayman

Was a parapalegic cosmonaut said, “Hey Man, whatcha doin’?”
to the the platypus cadaver was jus liein’ out and groovin’

Well we been gettin’ wrecked, gettin’ wrecked, gettin’ wrecked
Tryna be politically correct

Partially chewed pirouetting chimps are potential candidates
for president
Pragmatic chumps, like all of us, poorly clothed sit on the fence

Previously clothed the poor creature wore nothin’ under her purple coat
People came particularly corpulent, but that wasn’t her, didn’t float her boat

Pale corpses pose completely well, standing on the beach
Porkbellied cows put creepy garlands, on the sun just out of reach

Plutocratic carcinogens pray completely for your money
Possible cracks of panting clans politicize the peoples’ honey

Drums: Nettage
Bass: HnrHdlJazz-Brick-dbx16XT
VlaymanGtrs: Tele-ProJr-M400-Eureka
TonyGoldenThrownGts: Harmony-Marshall-E609-ISA1
Vox: MD735-Sunnit-RNLA
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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