Vlayman: “The Fear (Saw Me)” w/ link to mix yerself

The Fear
c. ’14 Vlayman

Down on Halsted I brought my money
I was only lookin’ to doya a solid honey
I brought all I ha-a-ad

They told me it was bad
They all called out to me
They said the fear saw me

I didn’t want to think about that
I didn’t know what to do about that
But there was nothin’ to be done about that

I was running scared I admit
I was running scared I had no choice in the matter
I was running scared for you, that’s a fact

I made it outta there, it’s true
I ran my ass off tryin’ to get back to you
And they followed me, you can see that’s a fact

Drums: nettage
Bass: JacoFretless-70’s MarlboroGB0-12B-EV RE320-Summit2BA221-Gyraf1176 (amp track)
_-GT The Brick-dbx160XT (DI track)

1985 G&Lf100-1960 RickenbackerM8E-Beyer SoundstarII-Summit2BA221
_ShinyBox 23Lribbon- Focusrite ISA1 (room track)


NOTE: if you wanna try a mix, go here w/in the next 30 daze.
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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