Vlayman w/ Grankspoine: “Fed Up”

Fed Up
c. ’14 Vlayman, derranged by Grankspoine

I cannot see, where you think that we can’t be friends
You cannot be, everything to me but that’s OK

You don’t wanna see, that it’s not up to me, how we end
And I don’t wanna be, your last surviving friend, that wouldn’t be OK

Day after day after day it all adds up
You cannot say who’s more fed up

They don’t wanna know about the problems we don’t say we have
We don’t wanna tell ’em and they’re just as glad, it’s OK

We don’t wanna show what the hell is really goin’ on
They don’ wanna know what the fuck it was was is goin’ wrong

Drums: nettage
Bass: JacoFretless-VC3Q
Vox: Solaris-UA110-RNLA
Keys, Horns, Guitars: Grankspoine
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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