Vlayman: “Cabrone (Go On Home”

Vocal Re-Done 12-7-14

Cabrone (Go On Home)

c. ’14 Vlayman

Ah, when I took out the last of the –
men was in m-y -y way
It was cuz I was faster then them
At least I was, today

Then I saddled up
And I rode like hell on the way
And I got there, fast enough
Fast enough to hear her say

Go on home, cabrone

My horse was dieing, and she was crying
The Federales were on their way
But I was fast, no, I ain’t lieing
And as I left I heard her say

Drums: Vezina
Bass: Alvz-dbx163X(pad)
AcGtr: Martin-GT MD1b-UA110-RNLA
Vox: GT MD1b-UA110-RNLA
LdGtr: G&Lf100-Marshall-GT MD1b-UA110-RNLA
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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