Re small amps, again

Just posting about ’em at TOMB, probably repeating myself:

I have a Pro, Jr. and really like it, use it for practices and recording.

Same with a Electar 10, what compliments the Pro, Jr. for recording, sounding a little different.

I’ve been looking for a Terror used, but they are more’n I wanna pay.

I have a 1960 Rickie M8E that’s awesome, Neil Young “Down By The River”/Keef “Brown Sugar”, Page “Custard Pie” tones … never leaves the house.

S/S I really like the little Vox Pathfinder and the Tech 21 Trademark 10- they record very well.

I also have a Peavey Audition with their “transtube” that is usable, especially for the high-gain sounds.

I have a couple others that are 1-trick ponies (Kustom, Mini Mouse, Harmony) as well as some of the little 1 w. S/S things like the Zues and the tweed Epi, a First act …

I have a Marlboro 25 w. 12″ bass amp, also. records aiight, especially when combined with a DI.
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