Vlayman: “Screamer (She’s a)”

Screamer (She’s a)
c. ’15 Vlayman

Tri-color hair and a adolescent glare
Jeans down to there and a tattoo
Razor sharp nails and wind in her sails
She’s gonna sink you, too

She’s a screamer
Ain’t no moaner
You can have her
I don’t own her
She’s a, she’s a screamer

Thigh-high boots with heels of 4 inches
Never wears a bra because she says they always pinch her
Skinny as she is you know that that ain’t really matter
You get to know her and she’s mad as Alice’s hatter

Keys onna chain you see goes into her pocket
Baubles and bangles and rings and things and simple silver locket
Mascara always smeared and you
just know that she can rock it

Neighbors will hate you when you let her hang around
3 ‘0’clock and 4 o’clock and she’s just starting to come down
They don’t get no sleep when the stereo’s so loud
You don’t get no sleep when she’s gettin’ off yer cloud

Drums: nettage
Basses: Alvz-ISA1-dbx16XT; HohnerFretless-LilBearBS1-VC3Q
AcGtrs: Martin-A6-UA110-dbx166A_AKGd5-UA710-166A
ElecGtrs: G&Lf100-Marshall-E609-UA710-SB23L-UA110
Vox: OM2-VCQ1
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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