New Vlayman album: *Screamer*

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1. Screamer (She’s a) 04:07
2. Thing to Do 03:42
3. A Certain Age_w_Grankspoine 03:22
4. Discover 03:36
5. Nothin’2Me 03:16
6. Tacky_Geronimo Cowboys 03:45
7. Common Sense_w_PaulL 03:10
8. Ready 03:13
9. Somethin’ You Oughta Know 04:07
10. Backspace 03:15

Some from last year, some from this, some is serious, some take the piss.

released 14 March 2015

#3 gots Grankspoine from England who I work with lots;
# 6 gots M. Cline from California who I work with some;
# 7 gots PaulL who I’ll not be workin’ with again;
the rest is all me except for the drums what is from all over (see song credits).


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