Vlayman: “I Gave at the Office “

I Gave at the Office
c. ’15 Vlayman Produx

CH I gave at the office
I swear I’m tellin’ the truth
It may not be the only explanation
But it’s all you can use

They caught me on the corner
I’d thought I’d left it all behind
It wasn’t like I knew there was a risk, no
That I was runnin’ outta time

I seen a shadow on the paving stones
As I crossed the alleyway
I seen that they was comin’ at me
There’s nothin more I wanna say

But yeah, I layed my money down
A hunnert dollars on the ground
And when they bent down to pick it up
Is when I f***ed ’em up

So if the police say they wanna know
If the lawyer says you gotta say
You tell ’em that you hadda lend me beer money
Not really knowin’ when you’d get paid

Drums: BL
Bass: HnrJazz-VC3Q
Vox: MXLv77-UA110-MeekC2
BV’s: Solaris-UA110-MeekC2
RthmGtrs: MIJstrat(digivrb)-ProJr-Superluxpr628-ISA1(pad)_MXLryr-UA710(pad)
LdGtr: Paul(digivrb)-ProJr-Superluxpr628-ISA1(pad)_MXLryr-UA710(pad)
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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