New Vlayman album: *Weary & Weird*

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1. First Rodeo 03:51
2. LGBS 03:37
3. Repeating Myself (Again) 03:47
4. Weary & Weird 03:50
5. I Gave at the Office 04:37
6. Lighthouse II 03:54
7. Without You 03:38
8. The Lesson 04:06
9. Funny_Geronimo Cowboys 04:27
10. Invincible Mouth_w_PaulL 04:58

So I been writing and recording as always and I tried to put a band together in early ’15 and it wasn’t too good and then they kicked me out/I quit because, dammit, I’m writing and don’t wanna do but the odd covers and if ya check out no.’s 3, 6, 8, & 10 you could hear what mighta been – the drummer’s even on the last one, what my Ainglish friend Delso wrote the lyrics on.
Now, no. 9 is what mighta been if Sr, Cline ain’t live in Cali, but we can still make music, kinda virtual-band stylee, wif him on the guitar and writing the music and me on the rest …
Matter of fact, asides the afore-mentioned drums, I done alla this stuff, with the assistance at various times of Mr. Seagrams, Mr. Grant, Mr. Williams, Br. Bushmill and a buncha coffee but no hookers or blow.

released 05 April 2015


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