New: The Hungry Drunx collection: *Funky Drummer*

1. Funky Drummer_w_Grankspoine 02:38
2. Devastated 03:13
3. Strange Daze & Nights_w_Grankspoine 03:31
4. Tension_w_Mark Cline 04:17
5. That Comfort Stuff 04:02
6. Outta Love 05:34
7. Short & Sweet_w_Grankspoine 03:22
8. I’m Nowhere 04:02
9. A Fact 04:08
10. Time To Waste 04:30

A Portlandian drummer and a Chi-town noisemaker,
joined by a Ainglish multi-sompin’ onna few trax and
a Californater on another, rock yer tits off.
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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