As postered at TOMB and now compiled here:
The Blue Oyster Cult, Tyranny and Mutation: how they played this stuff so in ’73 is beyond me, as well as why the first two records weren’t huge hits. Buck Dharma rules! I did have to tell a buddy who whined about the relatively quiet bottom end level, turn it UP.

Patterson Hood, Heat Lightening Rumbles in the Distance: this guy is an absolute treasure, this album a complete gem.

The Joy Formidable, Wolf’s Law: I really want to really like it, but it’s just OK, with that fucking basketball drum sound like Bush’s and that whiny Pumpkins-clone band’s latest.

Low, the invisible wrong: gets me high.

Mudhoney, Mudhoney: a work of grunge genius, what is not a oxymoron, dude.

Isidore, Life Somewhere Else: where Kilbey takes us to church, with a different congregation.

MBV, Isn’t Anything: I’m still listening to the original mixes these many years later, still trying to figure out why this stuff works, if what’s-name is a genius, and if I like it. I’ll have to listen again.

Danzig, Danzig II-Lucifuge: R. Rubin, B. O’Brien and J. Scott make this sound great, and the band, like on the first record, has silly songs, silly names and a bad enuff ‘tude to make it rock. Whatever happened to J. Christ?

Lou Reed, Animal Serenade: sheer misanthropic poetry, done with very little percussion, and F. Saunders as MVP.

Johnny Marr, The Messenger: I so want to like this, and don’t – over-produced and generic despite the very occasional flashes of genius.

Latest Bowie and Cave; I prefer the latter, so far.

Bowie’s latest is really growing on me.

Shooter Jennings, Black Ribbons: Wow! I’ve heard it once, I’ve gotta think about it, but it’s interesting as hell, some cool songs, lotsa weirdness with a political message.

Richard Thompson’s latest: Excellent, of course.

Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fountain: their last from a couple years ago, quite good inna mellow kinda way.

The National’s latest: love it.

Luna, lunapark: hadn’t heard this inna cuppla years, it’s aged surprisingly well, and such a cool band – I miss ’em.

The Cult, Choice of Weapon: it’s The Cult, like ’em or not – I do, about the only “current metal” band I listen to.

Miles Davis, Round Midnight: remastered, so tasty.

PJ Harvey, Rid of Me: loud and funny, intense and noisy, also interesting as hell.


Lucinda Williams – excellent guitar work and songs;
Thurston Moore – SY all the way-sounding;
Mark Lanegan – loverly dark pop;
Robert Plant – world-musicish, great sounds and performances;
Roco DeLucca – bought it for the Tchad Blake production, what is awesome, don’t care for the songs or singer;
U2 – how can this band be so under-rated? Only by being so omnipresent and annoying – it really is an excellent record.

Buncha live stuff offa NYCTaper, and Steve Wynn’s Northern Aggression, Jason Isbell’s Southeaster, Bob Mould’s eponymous, and latest Bryan Ferry, all of what I like (lotsa Marr on the latter – lotsa guitars).

Been really digging the latest My Bloody Valentine, especially cranked in the monitors – the production arrangements (by what I mean how he uses the delays and compressors and verbs and other FX and mutes and such) are excellent.

And completely different (but mebbe not so much), T-Ride’s eponymous release.

Finally, Mould’s Silver Age – he really is quite the creative writer and arranger with what is essentially a three piece with overdubbed guitar.
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