Vlayman: “The Rose Men”

The Rose Men
c. ’15 Vlayman

In the middle of the day you can see ’em out on the village green
Right and left and near and far and always in between
Standin’ in plain view but never really seen
They’re never really seen

CH No one thought to tell you, my friend
But here they come again,
The rose men

They wanna walk the sidewalks as they stalk in the park
They sit on benches or in the cars they’ve parked
They wanna sell you somethin’, see you as a mark
They see you as a mark


Secret agents, some kind of silly-soundin’  thing
Sent over here to stay, sleeping in the wings
They ain’t a joke my friend, and death is what they bring
Death is what they bring


Drums: nettage
Bass: HnrJazz-Brick-dbx160XT
Gtrs: Tele-ProJr-E609-UA110(pad)_SprLux-UA710(pad)
Vox: Genesis-Eureka
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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