Latest pedalboard 6-15


Using this in a cover band:

1.  Vox Wah: wha’? Serviceable, cheap and easily replaceable, and I like it’s shallow sweep;

2. MXR ’78 Distortion:  nice and flexible, clear and articulate, approaches heavy because I was needing a 70’s/80’s distortion sound, has a neat boost button that’ll blind ya;

3. Visual Sound Rte. 66: compressor and 808-style OD (2 4 1, + 2 EQ’s!), with two very useful EQ’s including two boosts, can be subtle, this version is weird-shaped and big, but worth it;

4. Ibanez Swell Flanger: does what it’s supposed to do, lotsa control, small foot-print;

5. Rocktron Short Timer: nice slap up to short delay, articulate but not too digital in sound;

6. Boss CE3: can be nice and subtle, crisp and digital sounding, but not offensive – you won’t use it for Nirvana-type exaggerated chorusing, but you will to thicken and acoustify your arpeggios and rhythm parts;

7. Digitech Digiverb: pretty transparent, lots of flexibility, I like small plate, room and spring, and I like ’em a lot.

I like the One-Spot as much as my Snark clamp-tuners.

My case is a Samsonite with the board made of a teflon-coated BBQ rack that the pedals are Zip-tied to; the rack is mounted on my former board, a piece of MDF; Neutrik & Mogami cables (except the grey one what is Rat-Shack shite – I hear no difference).


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