New Vlayman album: *Yer Good Eye*

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1. Half Time Bop_w_Donn S 04:30
2. Glory 04:05
3. Tune You Up_w_Grankspoine 04:03
4. Cheeleaders Kickin’_w_DonnS 04:14
5. Mouse 04:10
6. Long Bottle 03:42
7. Strut 03:50
8. Daedelus 03:42
9.The Eternity Shift 03:00
10. Strangely Enuff_w_Donn S 03:04
11. Yer Good Eye 03:32

Special thanx to Seagrams Extra Dry, noir books, and redhead gurrls everywhere.
Recorded April & May of 2015, preserved my sanity through then.
More or less.
No thanx to the passive-aggressive, cell phones hags, and the humorless; juck ’em if they won’t take a foke.
Donn S played all the drums on 1, 4, and 10; Grankspoine played all the good stuff on 3; Vlayman offended yer ears all the elsewhere.
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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