Pre’s and comps, again

In response to a TOMB question re whether the writer should purchase certain pre’s and compressors, I wrote:

If you intend to keep doing as you have done, then obtaining gear might be fun but not necessary.

Workflow-wise, if you like the sounds you have recorded, you may just be doing less adjustment if you continue to bring tracks to a “proper” studio.

Or not necessarily, and you may decide you don’t like the sounds you committed to, especially when using an arguably very colored piece of equipment like the UA stuff you list.

Finally, as a dedicated bedio-recordist, I can comment that the ISA1 is a very nice piece of kit, and unlikely to be “too much” in its coloration – I love mine.

Re the FMR gear, I really like the RNC as a clean and transparent compressor on vox, and the RNLA as a more colored compressor on vox and also on electric guitar amps.

Re Universal Audio pres, I prefer and own the UA110, more or less the solid state version of the 610 and use it on everything except drums (which I record on a Zoom R16); I also like the 710, which can be very flexible due to its combined S/S and tube topology. I have never been able to justify to myself the cost of the 610 or LA610, me, as so many nice pre’s and channel strips can be found for less than US$500 (used) – I use a Brick when I want an obvious and wooly tube sound for, say, DI bass or vocals, and a VC1Q when I want a channel strip (quickly set-up, convenient, nice tone and bright green!) or a Eureka (a total understated joy.)

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