Sorta M/S witha Durham

Published on TOMB:

I have the [Cathedral Pipes] Durham – feckin’ lurv it!

I’ve been doing a lot of sorta M/S*, using various dynamics (lately a EV E609 or a AKG D1000E) for the mid and a MXL 860 for the side (not a bad ribbon, the best part being it’s diminutive size).

The Durham lets me use any pre I want, so I can use older stuff like a 1589b (Altec) and get a strong signal that I can hear in the cans, even when I’m sitting next to the amp (I leave it set up onna Pro, Jr. next to my mix position).

And it really does seem to “clarify” the signal somehow …

*I often take the ribbon track and delay it .01 or so seconds, double it and phase-reverse the double and bring those tracks back up under the dynamic-mic track, and not always panned LCR, either.
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