The Hungry Drunx: *Birds*

1. Birds 03:29
2. Mogadishu Music 03:49
3. Gawd Save Us w. Grankspoine 03:20
4. Pure 04:33
5. Not True w. Mark Cline 03:49
6. Monkey Scratch 03:45
7. Between Sorrow & Goodbye 04:37
8. Smooth (Keep It) 04:05
9. The Eternity Shift 03:25
10. You Think You Know (Dub’d) 05:34

We tried to get Apple to push this to I-Pods and they declined. We tried to get General Mills to put a cuppla songs on actetates in their cereal boxes and they declined. We asked that N. Korean dicktater dude to broadcast it over the border and he declined. We asked The Donald to use it at his rallies and he fired us without ever hiring us. So, here it is.

released 22 August 2015

Grankspoine played keys, guitars, horns on #3; Mark Cline played guitar on # 5; Snarl beat drums on all; Vlayman crapped on everything.
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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