New Vlayman album: “Gin’n’Tonic*

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1. A Ugly Stick 03:26
2. Addicted 2 U 04:37
3. Mission Creep w. Grankspoine 03:27
4. Bajadores w. Mark Cline 03:20
5. Gin’n’Tonic 04:12
6. Great Xpectations 04:45
7. No Problem (I have) 03:39
8. Next to You 04:32
9. Love (is all there is) 03:49
10. Psyko 04:04

I’m claiming that this be jes’ a fig-leaf of yer ‘majinashun, because if ya had some good drugs or booze, ya wouldn’t be listenin’ to this shite – it would already be in yer heads, bofe of ’em, boyos. Ladies, be-wearin’ Prada-like, not wastin’ yer time-hear.

released 23 September 2015

Blame me for alla this noises, except the good stuffs, what is Mark Cline’s guitars on #4, and Grankspoine’s everything but the bass, drums and vox on #3.


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