Vlayman: “Punk (You get too)”

Punk (You get too)

You been wearin’ yer Doc Martins out
It ain’t been a week yet up to now

I ain’t never seen you azza friend
I di’n’t see you what you done there at the end

CH: You get too punk, you are too drunk
Yer mohawk’s dumb
And you really ain’t foolin’ no one

Garlic on yer breath cuts through the scent of microbrew
Gold cross on yer chest, if I hadda bet it’s what you do


Momma’s little ruff boy, you act so tuff
You big and strong and and think yer fast enuff
Until I kick you in the nuts


Get along li’l doggie, get on out the door
Gonna knock you down you poseur clown
you hardcore whore

CH 4x

Drums: Nettage
Bass: P-MMhd130(Mrlboro12)-Kickball-PM1000-dbx166A _Brick-bx166A(slave
Vox: SM7b-Eureka-RNLA_Sm63L(Slave)
RthmGtrs: IbzGold(QSBII)-ProJr-#609-PM1000
LdGtrs: IbzGold(MeatJr-SoulFood)-ProJr-#609-PM1000
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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