Vlayman: “Thirteen Point Five (Half a Chance)”

Thirteen Point Five (Half a Chance)
c. ’15 Vlayman

Down on the ground you can see close up
What the street has made you
Laid out and played out, hands behind yer back
And you been told what to do

Down there at the end of the block
They standin’ lookin’ at you
None of ’em gonna run and get your ma
They all know what to do

Down the road just a couple of towns
Is where they might gonna be incarceratin’ you
Ya tell yer story sittin’ there lookin’ down
They gonna do what they do

It’s a pure 13 point five
They tell ya as you dance
12 jurors, one mean ol’ judge
and a half a chance

Drums: nettage
Basses: Alvz-MM-KickBall-PM1000-dbx160A_Brick-166A(Slave)
Gtrs: G&Lf100(RatAttack0ShrtXr or Rt66Cmprs-Meat-MemToy)_HTDX-AKGd310-PM1000-dbx166A_
Vox: AT3060-Eureka
vlayman; THD; blog; TFP


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