Default recording chains, etc.; lazinessossity

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The racked PM1000 channel I have is my go-to guitar amp pre not least because I don’t have it in my XLR patch-bay so I just leave a mic cable plugged in and hanging onnit. I probably like the ISA1 better for amps, or the UA110, but convenience in recording is like location in real estate.

And so it occurs to me, I often grab vocals thru the Eureka because I have its compressor nicely defaulted (I don’t use the EQ other than the pass-filter) for my vocals, requiring very little if any tweaking no matter what mic. Or a VC1Q, same reason.

By the same token I have a dbx160XT set for my DI bass touch, and a 166A set for when I split amp and DI (linking the channels and letting the amp side lead means I don’t have to time-shift for phase; I go into a The Brick and split out to the amp.) And I have a VC3Q set for a dubby bass sound (what I often combine with the The Brick into the 160 or a 1176 clone). Warm-up, and instant bass tone.

Likewise, I have a RNC that I can plug any pre into for a quick vocal, and a RNLA where my default setting is awesome as second or only compressor on vocals, and works on amps, too. (I do always have to tweak acoustic guitar compression, But I usually do that ITB for transparency.)

I have mic clips mounted on my guitar amps so that a E609 is always on one, a AKG D1000E on another, a EV N/D 308B on another, and a Superlux PRA-628 on a fourth. Easy to switch the mic’s between the clips …

I leave a MXL880 on a stand for a quick room or M/S mic (usually with a Cat Pipes Durham in-line); even tho’ my Shinybox23L sounds 2x better, the MXL is never in the way …

I always leave a mic onna stand in front of my recording bass amp, switching the mic out every week or three (currently have a Kickball onnit.)

I’m so fucking lazy lately I even have a bunch of my fave vocal mic’s mounted in desk-stands to record vocals – what means I use certain expensive or fragile mic’s like tube mic’s less often, because of the convenience; I just take the desk-standed mic offa the shelf and plug it in at my mix position.

I’m even less likely to use nice pedals when recording because they require breaking out and setting up my pedal board, and it’s easier to just grab whatever is laying around unmounted and use that (everybody’s got a spare distortion pedal, for example, not the fave but usable for that quick lead.)

I have a cheap Alvarez bass onna hook in my bedio that I hafta remember to not always use, and I hafta remember to switch out the guitar on the stand next to the mix position – when a fave is there I might go weeks without changing it (ex., I have a old G&L F100 that I can get nearly every long-scale neck sound I want out of, plays like buttah after 30 years in my mitts.)

Vocal chain, instrument EQ, room verb, guitar verb, gate pre-sets in the DAW? Check.

I even have templates for my bandcamp album covers.

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