New Vlayman album: “This Ol’ Elephant*

1. Write It Down(for Nicky) 03:40
2. Burnin’ Tubes 04:39
3. Red w Grankspoine 04:24
4. Thirteen Point Five (Half a Chance) 04:27
5. The Park (Down to) 04:01
6. She Only Wants Me 04:06
7. This Ol’ Elephant 03:49
8. Make ‘Em Stop 03:42
9. Walkin’ Out the Door 03:54
10. A Cat That Kills 03:25

Q. Whaddya give a elephant with diarrhea?
A. A lotta room.
Q. Whaddya give Vlayman?
A. Some listening time, of course – turn it up!

released November 18, 2015

Grankspoine on # 3 did all but drums, voc and bass.
Vlayman OCD’d all else.
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