Pre-sets past, passed, and now

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I started this thread so as not to OT this thread:

Default recording chains, etc.; lazinessossity

I remember sitting down some years ago with a left-handed copy of Waves and copying some of the pre-sets in Cool Edit. I never used the Waves except for that purpose, having tried some of its presets on source material to get the concepts (ex., opto-compressor vs. VGA, according to Waves).

But over the years I have developed some pre-sets I use repeatedly, primarily reverbs that work well together on guitars, or vocals, now coupled with relatively gentle compression first in the chain. I have a chorus setting I like on bass once in a while. I have FFT pass-filter pre-sets I use constantly, and a couple parametric settings for things like clarifying a Zoom H2 live recording, or brightening a vocal …

I confess that pre-sets are another of my lazinessossities, a compromise to get past the tech and to the creation part faster.

And for yooze?
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