Answering a question about if the Stone’s “Satisfaction” is actually a “good” song, I wrote:

Some stuff is hard to get distance on.

For example, I was hard to get the fuck away from my ex.

But also, that song is part of my id, ego, trad and history – I got no distance – I love it so.

Do the horn line-like fuzz guitar make it?  Well, yeah, but so does Jagger’s snotty nouveau-rich rockstar bitchin’.

And the drum break …

And it drives, the song does.


Check out the equipment in the vid above, note how the cameras are placed and can’t catch the guitarists, larf at the priest and rozzers after 3:00 …

I can’t write a song that good, even as I try, and I try, and I try, and I try, I can’t.


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