Vlayman album: *NaSoAlMo 2015*

1. 400 Daze_The Hungry Drunx 04:22
2. She Only Wants Me_Vlayman 04:06
3. Las Lagrimas_The Hungry Drunx 03:16
4. Write It Down (for Nicky)_Vlayman 03:40
5. Go Slow_The Hungry Drunx 04:19
6. A Cat That Kills_Vlayman 03:25
7. I’ll Take the Light_The Hungry Drunx 03:56
8. Make ‘Em Stop_Vlayman 03:42
9. Roll On Up_Vlayman 03:36

This is a group of choons all done in November, 2015 and compiled for the National Solo Album Month (inspired by the National Novel Writing Month) per www.nasoalmo.org.
Half the choons is *Vlayman*, what means it’s done with edits of various “found” drums, and the other half is *The Hungry Drunx* (thehungrydrunx.bandcamp.com), what means Portland, WA’s Snarl is the drummer; all else is Chicago, IL’s Vlayman, who also drank some gin and ate all the olives.

released November 29, 2015


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