So I thought I’d mention a new-to-me bass DI technique

Posted at TOMB:

I’ve hadda bass amp in my bedio for quite some time, and it’s lotsa fun and I like switching out the recording chain, lately digging a The Brick pre into a 160XT or 1176 clone, and various mic’s, lately a Kickball.

But I did find that I like to split outta the Brick as a DI, its instrument out to the amp, what means I like to use a 166A in linked stereo with the amped track controlling, what means I don’t find the need to shift anything for phase if I use both tracks.

I like the DI for two reasons; as a safety for if I don’t like the amp’d track because of noise or whatever, but also because I can use the DI in parallel to add some boef.

So I got to thinking, what is always dangerous and often a complete waste of energy and drinking time, but I decided to run two pre’s in parallel, again using The Brick and splitting it’s pass-thru to a second pre.

There’s lotsa possible combinations but so far I’m really liking put The Brick as pre into a compressor, and then splitting into a VC3Q to use as a parallel DI track.

The VC3Q for DI bass is awesome, as you can really overdrive it, it has a good-for-bass optical compressor, and the EQ is fun, able to be downright dub if ya want it.

I been getting some good comments on that sound, thought I’d suggest it to ya’s.

Eventually, I’m gonna try the same thing with a ISA1 instead of The Brick, and use the slaved stereo 166A; I remember I used to like the cheap VTB1 on bass for some stuff, so I’ll be trying that, also, to swap for the Meek …


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