Last Vlayman album of 2015: *The Moon*

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1. A Cat That Kills 03:25
2. Roll On Up 03:36
3. The Way (w Grankspoine) 03:19
4. Off 03:57
5. She Only Wants Me 04:06
6. Write It Down (for Nicky) 03:40
7. Purgatory 04:55
8. Make ‘Em Stop 03:42
9. I Get That 03:38
10. The Moon (I Am the) 03:12

The last – I promise! – release of 2015 with a rare acoustic track (#10), a song for a friend (#7), and the best one, a collab with England’s Grankspoine (#3). I recommend a martoonie and pizza while listening so that 2/3 of yer evening at least is good.

released December 31, 2015

All drums is nettage, #3 have all by Grankspoine except bass and vocals, and the rest of the sounds should be blamed on yo.
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