Answering a question about front-to-back at TOMB, I said:

When recording guitar amp tracks one at a time, I will often have the close mic(s) and then a distant mic. I use the same distant mic for all of the amps, basically as a room mic (but only 3-6′ out and usually 1′ above horizontal), that I can then use in parallel with each close mic track.

FWIW, I currently like a ribbon for that purpose, but am planning to try a condensor tho’ I fear the ambient noise. I also intend to try a doorway and mebbe an out-the-door mic for this and even the following purpose.

Another trick. Sometimes I’ll record M/S in the “correct” manner, but sometimes I’ll use that distant ribbon track as the side tracks (mult and invert the mult) and then vary the amount of the sides to set the distance – you have to be very alert when doing this as it can sound quite exaggerated. The net result is that the distant ribbon tracks are not heard in mono, and also may significantly effect the close-mic “center” track, what I usually can make sound cool.


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