New Vlayman album: *I Got Yer Number*

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1. Perfection w Grankspoine 04:29
2. The Shiv w Captain Bob 03:31
3. Lover, You Don’t Know – w Grankspoine 04:14
4. The Center of Attention (Sevilla Inspired) 04:39
5. Groovin’ (Get to) 05:22
6. Dancin’ 03:38
7. Better 04:26
8. Number (I Got Yer) 03:40
9. Show Me Everything 03:30
10. Home (I Will Find My Way) 04:40

The first collection of 2016, and about damn time as the smells was gettin’ ripe and the cans is kicked and dented and somebuddy gotta take this [to a] dump.

released February 13, 2016

Aiight, London’s Grankspoine kicks arse on #’s 1 & 3, Captain Bob takes names on # 2, and Vlayman causes all the aural pain herein.
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I mix with olive juice.


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