Vlayman w Dino, Sr.: “Mark Is Gettin’ Married”

Mark Is Gettin’ Married
c. ’16 Vlayman

Drivin’ all day onna forklift truck
Twenty years contemplation
Mebbe it’s time to try my luck
Nothin’ to gain’ by waitin’
Got me this little girl here, ya see
First married her years ago
Then she up and left my ass
But she’s been backwhile,  ya know
Mark is gettin’ married

Cherry brandy and rock and roll
I like to beat on some skins in my garage
Fly me my confederate flag
Right out there in the yard
Got me a big ol’ black dog here
She’s the queen of the house
If I don’t stay on the mostly straight and narrow
Her and the new wife will run me out
Mark is gettin’ married

Got it all planned and she’s gonna wear white
Me, I’m a wear a black tie
Black suit and my shoes shined up real smooth
Gonna get hitched and party all night
Mark is gettin’ married

Drums (H2): Dino, Sr.
Bass: Hnr2BA-Brick-dbx160XT_VC3Q
Vox: Senn MK4-Eureka
TeleRthmGtrs: -HRDX-AKG D1000-PM1000(pad)
LdGtr: Tele(RadialHotBrit)HRDX-AKG D1000-PM1000(pad)
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.


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