The Hungry Drunx new album: *Las Lagrimas*

1. 400 Daze 04:22
2. Exquisite 03:42
3. Las Lagrimas 03:16
4. Glitch 03:46
5. I’ll Take the Light 03:56
6. Daze of the Weak 03:25
7. Go Slow 04:19
8. Practise 02:51
9. Slivovitz 03:28
10. Provin’ It to Myself 07:20

Portland and Chicago musos, who have never met, never spoken, never smelled each other sweat, engage in the second most intimate act available, and this is the result.

released March 20, 2016

Drums: Snarl, recorded at The Bonobo Room.
All the other shite: Vlayman, recorded at Feta Central Recording, D., D., & L.
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.


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