The recording technique of writing

It were suggested, here, that writing about recording is a good thing …

So my old drummer called me up a cuppla months ago, and asked me to come over and record him playing drums, both to document his work, and because he knows I’ll use the tracks to make songs.

And I met a bassist on CL, just before recording the drums, and he came over and we wrote a tune on some anonymous drums, and then I’ve had him playing bass on stuff from the drummer that I recorded onna 8-track Zoom R16.

It’s stuff I’m writing with the drummer’s stuff that I recorded.

So I have these drum tracks where the drummer laid down mebbe 8 measures of a verse, with a few extra changes, and a version of two of B parts and C parts, And I built up songs by cutting and pasting those parts into arrangements.

Then I wrote the music and recorded it, guitars, bass vocals, etc.

Then I sent it to the bassist to replace my bass, but stopped even recording bass; now I just send a rhythm guitar, a lead guitar, a lead vocal and basic BV’s.

I’ve written 13 songs, and have enough drum parts for about another 10-12 (we recorded drums for 6 hours).

So where I’m going is, demoing these things for the bassist, I was just mic’ing up a HRDX and playing my Tele – broke a string, went to a Strat, changed to a Ampeg VT60 and used a Tiny Terror for a lead. Vocals is just ADK A6 what is lately always up on my desk, or a handheld Senn MD735, into either a Eureka or VC1Q; the guitars is through a padded PM1000 and/or padded ISA1, as some guitars are M/S.

There’s a consistency about the sounds what is very cool in the basic demos, so good that when the bass tracks come in I’m starting to feel like mebbe I don’t wanna re-record anything … I mean, the guitars is good, the leads is hot, and even my vocals are 80% working.

The drummer and the bassist are both stoked – they mebbe wanna be a band instead of a recording project; we’d be a cop, a electrician and a office worker, all in our 50’s, playing original rock. Yeah, that’ll go far. Rolling Eyes

Anywhat, I put this in this forum [Recording Techniques] because I’m realizing the mebbe obvious fact that sometimes, just throwing up a cuppla mic’s and going for it is the best “Recording Technique” of all. Twisted Evil
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