Vlayman: “Wishin'”

c. ’16 Vlayman

Ever’body feels some uncertainty
It comes with the territory
It’s that o’ insecurity
Makes you afraid of me, ain’t no reason to be

You been sittin’ there wonderin’,
if you should
And I been sittin’ here wishin’,
wishin you would

You ain’t the only one feelin’ yerself sweat
And we ain’t even begun yet
I bet you kinda wish we was already done
And you coud get to say,, “Take me home, I had fun”


RAP double-time:
Ever’body feels some insecurity
Ever’body feels some inferiority
It’s that demon uncertaintainty
Makes you so afraid of me
You ain’t the only one feelin’ yerself sweat
We could have alotta fun we just ain’t begun yet
You ain’t never gonna wanna be completely done
We gonna make so much good lovin’, lovin’, lovin’
Ain’t got be askeered, is what I’m tellin’ you
Tho’ I confess, I’m a li’l askeered, too
But we arrived with mutual expectations
Our fascination’s gonna turn to appreciation

Beyer M500-Eureka-1176
MIJstrat(RadialHB)-ProJr-Superluxpra628-Eureka-1 176
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.


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