Thurs, Sat, Mon jammage, and choons

… were my jam daze.

On Thursday was me and the new drummer, Joey M.,  just workin’ on new drum feels for a cuppla demos what I shall soon record him on, about 4 hours.

On Sat he callt to say his guitar friend from 40 miles away was comiung by – did I wanna jam?  We did, and it were OK. I mighta mentioned, he’ss a guy what know his 30 or so songs he’s played since the 70’s, and canna improv, about 5 hours.

I taught him some bass and wanked onna few and that were the fave part for yo.

Last night was the reg’lar band, currently callt, “Lace Dooshes”.

Much better, but the bassist were tired from work so it was only 2 hours. Interesting conversation – bassist claims to love my choons, wants to gig ’em. Asked me, do I wanna sing or play because I do both well, but better when I concentrate on 1 thing. No matter, the drummer and I again ‘splained we is a recording project – any gigs will be by accident.

Martini  <— shroom-toonie (3 picklet ‘shrooms, 1.5 oz. Seagrams Extra Dry, 1 tsp. ‘shroom jooce, 3 cubes.)

BTW, anybody notice I’ve not been posterin’ as many choons?

I have 13 in the can from Lace Dooshes drum edits, and now 6 with Joey M., but I’m tryna be mo’ circumspect and dickscernin’ about when they is ready – if ever – for publication.

carpal diem!



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