Easy amp tweaks & mods

OK, what have you done – easy-like – to tweak and/or mod yer recording amps?

My fave thing is putting a 12AU7 at V1 in my Tiny Terror. No more fizz, a touch less volume, much less gain. And when I need more more, I slam it with pedals.

12AT7 in the Pro, Jr., same-same.

I also like Weber speakers (in my M8E), and those silicon anti-vibrate tube rings, velcro straps on the channel/reverb switch pedals and power cords, and the occasional switchable small cooling fans in the big amps, white-out pens to mark settings and knobs.

Powersoak on the HD130 lets me get powertube grind when playing bass.

Finally, sheer window curtains make nice dust-covers for amps in the bedio.
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