Just picked up a 1×10 Blackstar extension cab to go under my Night Train 50, US$120 shipped. That head has been very nice for recording thru a Jet City 1×10 that is reserved for my Tiny Terror, but I can’t wait to get to use the NT/Blackstar live. Bought a Marshall double-switch clone for the channels and boost – works great! It’s like a 4-channel amp.

That said, the Night Train really gets close to the AC sound on it’s “Bright” channel, what was a sound I didn’t have.

And now I do. Cool

Also grabbed a Samson C-Control for about a half-a-C because my DAW (CEP2.1) and the Technics receiver (SA600) I monitor with wouldn’t do mono.

Spent 6 hours yesterday drinking bottled water and eating fresh-made ‘tater chips with the drummer touching up the mixes on 9 trax for the next MVx2 album, and I must say, the mono option reallly speeds things up, especially when persuading him that, the kick is actually loud enuff. Twisted Evil

EHX Nano Grail – my new fave verb.

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