More CL fun

saw this yesterday:

There will be a fee, if it takes hold
I have access to a studio in Orland Park
Please leave contact info, I will contact ASAP

A cuppla weeks ago I answered a different post by this twat and he started to go on about a magnificent opportunity to join a band where he would start out as the guitarist and musical director but morph to being the manager and only take 20% but he had a vision, man, of what music to do and many connections to get gigs and …

I interrupted to establish he was talking about a cover band and said, “I’m not …”

He hung up.

Now, a more cruel dude would contact him about a potential bass gig paying, say, $250 a song (a believable amount guaranteed to gi’ him a boner) and then string him along for a minute before hanging up in the middle of his response …


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