Leonard Cohen, RIP

Leonard Cohen, RIP

While there are some elderly performers who have become “greatest hits” acts (some much younger ones, also), and some have just sort of cruised, others have won a Nobel, or could/should have.

Leonard Cohen’s latest CD was delivered to me the day he died and I did not listen to it, or any of his music that day to any great extent, because I want to give it the attention and time it always deserves.

While I never saw him in person, I treasure his recent performance DVD’s for their great musicianship, songs, and not least for Cohen’s own emotive performance. Not to mention his banter.

With Neil Young, Dylan, Willie Nelson, the deceased Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard and so many others, they allow popular music to age gracefully, and make that part of life part of an unabashed part of their music, continuing to write and to perform with a consistency of quality and vitality that was perhaps unexpected in their genres, but so fucking welcome.
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