Why I woked up dis mawnin’ and had mese’f a beer, yo

Band practice last nite – very productive.

Guitar Tom and I demo’d his 1st ever song a cuppla weeks ago and drummer Mark wanted to do the drums at it, specific-like.

I wrote the lyrics to 3 choons yesterday at the orifice.

So last nite I brought some 312 and Tom brought some Fat Tire and we drank the latter and I brought mines home – more on that inna bit.

We rehearsed and re-arranged Tom’s song and got it down.

Then we wroted the music to the lyric I brought and derranged ’em and got ’em down. We playt each choon 5 times and made a little set of 25 minutes and recorded same on the Zoom H2. We’ll rehearse them again next time and than we’ll record the drummage and start the overdubs, mebbe on the 3rd time

So anywhat, we drank the Fat Tires (I had 2, and Tom took 1 home as Mark don’t drink but wine) and I took my 312’s home.

I was ver’ tired so after unloading my gear I put the beers in the fridge loose and this AM when the daughter opened the fridge a beer bottle come out and the top loosed such that some foam were escapin’ so I hadda glass and drink it what is why I woked up dis mawnin’ and had mese’f a beer, yo.


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