Vlayman w/ Silvie: “Picture on the Wall (Dorine Gray)”

Picture on the Wall

c. ’16 Vlayman

She looks just a little bit like you
And I swear that wasn’t intentional
You knowed I always used to be true
It’s just our love weren’t all that conventional

Spittin’ image don’t really do ‘er justice
It ain’t the footage what tells the tale
Doya amember when it were just us?
I do not know, how to explain the fail

Many mens, would say I made some kinda mistake
Lookin’ at her, they would not see anything of you
But when she smiles I always do a double-take
And I ain’t lie, again, I’m-a tellin’ my troof

CHPicture on the wall says it all
Picture on the wall It says everthing
says it all
To me

Dorine Grey sits on the walls of my memory
I see you there, you lost it all
My new baby comes, and stays, and makes a new man of me
I ain’t worried, no, about the fall


So you wanna say, I’m a phony that way
It ain’t you I’m makin’ love to in the night
But it don’t pay, to do what others say
And I feel like I’m doin’ all right

CH x2

Drums: Silvie
All else: Vlayman
bandcamp; vlayman;
THD; blog.
I mix with olive juice.


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