Vlayman: “Cry for Me”

So I entered a competition to write and record 10 songs in the monf of Feb.

This is the first what I dun since the last 4 hours or so, recycling some drummage.

Cry for Me
c. ’17 Vlayman

Kiss me
on the head
Kiss me
Kiss me
Like I’m dead
And cry a little

Oh, won’tcha cry a little for me
won’tcha cry a little for me

Do ya taste my
Do ya taste my tears?
My tears

Cry a little for me 4x

Well my story’s over
But tell it it again
Tell it over and over
Tell all my friends
over and over
and ask ’em to

Drums: Vezina
Gtrs: BassVI-Ampeg108-SM7B-Brick-dbx160XT
Synth: Microbrute-Brick-dbx160XT
Voc: SM7b-Summit-RNLA
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I mix with olive juice.