C/L spammer gets mad now …

Fuck off fucker

There it is! There’s the erudite genius I knew was hiding behind all the subtlety!

There’s the sensitive soul, the artiste, the true rock star!

You oughta change your band name to, The Reacharounds.


Trollin’ C/L, still

Drunk put your life together and leave us musicians alone
You are not about being a musician on C/L- you are being a spammin’ fool.

Grow up, get a life, stop interfering with real musicians interested in connecting with other real musicians all of whom are not interested in lame spamming twits who can’t write an email, much less a song.

C/L trollin’ part 3

Here’s more:

just prohibit yourself you drunk from craigslist
Thanx for the larfs, doosh – now, stop the spamming and your life will get better

More on the C/L trolling

Keep hiding behind those initials sissy and you by no means are a musician,. You drunken idiot so stop kidding yourself. Stay in your bedroom with no friends

What, pray tell, is your first language? Or are you just that angry?

BTW, when you project your issues on others, you highlight them – just ask your “fans”

More trolling the C/L spammers

As The Reign Falls

Original Music Full Album Available For Listening
LOL, it’s not me annoying musicians by spamming jerkoff noise that no one at the C/L forum is looking to hear.

Grow up and put yer weasley salesmanship on sites meant for it, and don’t force actual musicians to have to click thru and laugh again at your lame ass band name.


Your not an actual musician I will shred you apart and own you anytime.  its jealous losers like you who can’t find no one to play in a band with you, whining about people who can get something accomplished and why are you hiding behind initials ? embarrassed you have nothing accomplished in your loser life.

Uh huh,yeah, right, threaten away tough guy. Does “shred” mean having skull sex? Are you one giving or receiving there in that picture?

You have accomplished exactly nothing except annoying musicians seeking musical contacts, not spam from some half-wit wannabe’s too stupid to realize how ignorant you look and how *un*-accomplished you present.

If I ever see your laughable act playing nearby and I get drunk enough to wanna waste my time, I’ll mebbe sneak in and egg your amps. I won’t waste time, tho’ on looking for your girlfriends as clearly you are just with each other, no doubt “reigning” upon your faces in a circle after each frustrating failure to get a real encore, return gig, or sincere round of applause.

Keep living the dream there, Butch, as I’m sure your craigslist spam is about as good as you can do.

Oh, and genius? It is “you’re”, not “your”,but I’m sure your lyrics are just as articulate and interesting as your chest-beating joke of a threat scares me.