Compressor pedals

In answer to a forum question (LO), postered:

I use the black MXR one on guitar – the “SuperComp”.

The compression thing is good for chicken-pickin’, and also for strumming (think Byrds, REM, etc.); it’s a sound, or it can be a transparent smoothing of the volume.

The MXR is good because you can use it as a clean boost, also.

On bass, I use the Toadworks’ “Mr. Squishy”.

I also have the Boss LM2B limiter and the DOD Bass Squeezer for bass – the former is good but colored, the latter is better than the reviews but basically just serviceable, altho’ I like the crossover.

Finally, I have the Visual Sound Rte.66 pedal, what has a awesome compressor with a Tubescreamer that someday I will buy the ‘pressor separately – it’s the white pedal.


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