f/u to C/L funnage

Damn… Is there an easy way to grow balls? I only have a vagina.
My condolences, especially for your inability to see the metaphor, and not least for your need to make

an issue of your [alleged] gender.


you’re the one that brought up balls. not me. I think it’s funny that you still send emails. It’s almost like you just wanted someone to talk to. I’m glad I could be here for you.
I’m just killing time.

I actually enjoy making fun of spammers, the disingenuous, and sales weasels. It’s harmless good fun fucking with people who deserve it.

Thanks for playing.

Did I win?
If you think so, who am I to disagree?

I’m just an honest musician tired of all the spammers wasting my time as I

try to hook up with other real musicians.


Maybe there’s a reason you’re having a hard time…but who am I to say. At least you agree I win the game 🙂

“hard time” – is that a pun?

Nope, I just lost a drummer due to his illness, and am looking for a new collaboration.

But don’t be insecure, you are entitled to your opinions, as I am to mine.

If you think you are not a spammer, and you “won”, well, you are also entitled to your delusions.

In the meantime, I have no need to sell $20 DIY buffers nor to defend my spamming in doing so. While you annoyed me, you made me laugh.

I think that I “won”.


But you waid “who am I to disagree”, and yet here you are disagreeing. you’re making me sad Sad If you were nice to me, maybe I could hit some drums for you.

Glad you are sad – that was the point, see, to raise your self-awareness as a spammer, who by definition is “sad”.

And while I need a drummer, I am afraid that your conduct as a spammer rules you out, no matter how good you are going to claim to be.

Consequences, ma’am, too bad in that you seem to have a decent intellect and a sense of humour, but that doesn’t make up for your spamming ways.


But I play a really good half time shuffle.
Ah, well.

Until I find an acceptable musical partner, I can work with loops and downloaded multi-tracks and my prior drummers’ multi-tracks that I recorded.

Some of those drum tracks are even half-time shuffles.

I have no need or desire of you as a drummer, much less as a spammer.

Remember, “consequences”.


I don’t remember the consequences…oh well. If you’re using loops, then no need for a real musician off craigslist, right?

How soon (but not inconsistently) you claim forget, but I’m happy to remind you.

We “met” from your activities as a spammer, and you have been disingenuous in that regard; I have no reason to and therefor do not believe that you are a “real musician”, nor do I care.

Those are the consequences of your spamming and, perhaps, even more of your denial.

Sad as it is, loops are infinitely preferable to time-wasters and liars.

Now, I need to get back to mixing, and since I’m finally tired of torturing you, I wish you a nice life and hope you’ll move your sales-weaseling over to the proper “music instr” forum.

Oh no, I was so happy I just found a new friend! Thanks for reminding me though. I have a short memory. I really musicians don’t have the time to waste on me. Maybe I can be one some day.


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